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I'm trying to make a jquery-ui tooltip show/hide on a click event. Also I don't want it to show hide on mouse enter/leave.

Here is a fiddle with a normal tooltip : http://jsfiddle.net/Michael_0/sLhD9/ (unfortunately jsfiddle doesn't seem to be able to include jquery-ui from google cdn ?).

I had the idea to disabled the tooltip at initialization then enable it on click just before showing it, it works but I can't prevent the tooltip from hiding when the mouse leaves the target.

    disabled: true,
    content: function () {
        return "<div>Custom content</div>"

$("#myDiv").click(function () {
        $(this).tooltip("option", "disabled", false);
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So , you click a button and then tool tip appears ? Then how are you planning it to disappear ? –  Runcorn Jul 28 at 15:34
@Runcorn it should disappear on the next click but not on mouseleave –  Michael Jul 28 at 16:17

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To do this you need to unbind the default event handlers:

$("#myDiv").click(function() {
    if($("#myDiv").attr('ttVisible') == 'no') {
    } else {

You can track the current state however works for you, I used an attribute called ttVisible. jQuery UI doesn't seem to expose the current state of the tooltip in any way.

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unbind mouseleave doesn't seem to work, could you provide a jsfiddle please ? –  Michael Jul 28 at 16:27
jsfiddle.net/sLhD9/1 –  Fireandlight27 Jul 28 at 17:17

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