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while working on Xilinx EDK to implement a simple design using embedded softcore IP, we have hit a few hurdles, following is the detailed outline of the problems we are facing.

as per our understanding, we followed the following steps involved for a solution using EDK design flow

step 1- Xilinx ISE - Create new project -add new source - select embedded processor, this will lead to opening of XPS, wherein we can select or create a softcore IP.

step 2- Xilinx Platform Studio (xps) -create new board support package (BSP), enter information about softcore IP , peripherals and other details. - export hardware design to sdk

step 3- Xilinx SDK - Create a Hardware Platform- linking hw - Setting up software Environment- creating xilinx C project


I created a project in xilinx ise, then added an embedded processor using xps, but when I am trying to generate programming file, I get the following error.

   '/opt/Xilinx/12.1/ISE_DS/EDK/data/core_licenses' in /home/h2o/.flexlmrc.
   INFO:Security:68 - Please run the Xilinx License Configuration Manager
   ERROR:Security:14 - No feature was available for 'XPS'.
ERROR:EDK:440 - platgen failed with errors!
   Error while running "gmake -f system.make netlist".
ERROR: synthesizing XPS module failed!                 

To remove the gmake error, I have created an link to make for gmake already, and its there working successfully for sdk, but here it is showing error. to check if link is there or not I ran the "ln" command and got this output

h2o@h2o-Vostro-1015:~$ sudo ln -s /usr/bin/make /usr/bin/gmake
[sudo] password for h2o:
ln: failed to create symbolic link `/usr/bin/gmake': File exists

Also on the license front I am facing the problem, every time I open xps it shows me that license is not present and opens the xilinx license manager. I have registered at xilinx website and obtained the .lic license file, only few days ago.

every time I open xps, I have to follow the same process of adding xilinx.lic file (PFB screens for reference.)

error on opening xps

adding existing license file

locating file

success message

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