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I have been playing around with WebRTC vidoe rebroadcasting and have the following set up: Broadcaster <- Peer 1 <-- Peer2 <--- Peer3 . . . <--- Peer N

I was wondering what's the best way of handling a peer disconnection that would require the least resources. For example, say Peer 1 disconnects, the rest of the peers would be disconnected and all would have to go through the WebRTC setup to connect to a new peer.

My idea was to see if it was possible to keep the Peer2 <--- Peer N-1 connection and have Peer N take the spot of Peer1 (disconnected peer) this way only Peer 1 and peer 2 would have to redo the WebRTC setup.

Im not sure whether the already connected peers would just automatically accept the new stream from Peer N (now new peer 1). Does anyone have any experience with this? (or other suggestions)

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