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I have a ServiceInstall component in a WiX installer where I have a requirement to either start auto or demand depending on parameters passed into the MSI.

So the Xml element in question is

<ServiceInstall Vital="yes"
     Name="My Windows Service"
     DisplayName="My Service"
     Description="Something interesting here"

WiX will not allow using a PArameter for the Start attribute, so Im stuck with completely suplicating the component with a condition, eg/

<Component Id="ServiceDemand"
                 Guid="{E204A71D-B0EB-4af0-96DB-9823605050C7}" >

and completely duplicating the whole component, with a different setting for Start and a different Condition.

Anyone know of a more elegant solution? One where I don;t have to maintain 2 COmponents whjich do exactly the same thing except the Attribute for Start?

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Ouch, that kind of sucks. I think you are stuck with the approach you are currently using until someone fixes that in WiX. – Bryan Batchelder Mar 23 '10 at 14:41
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The Start field in the ServiceInstall table isn't formatted so what you are putting in with a property will not work. This link has some helpful suggestions that might get you through it: ServiceInstall - Start element. Looks like the person who posted had the same issue. My favorite suggestion they provide is to create a custom action that runs before InstallServices action that will change the value of the Start element in the Service Install table.

Update: Modified the link to the suggested site.

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Thanks for the link/info. I'll do as suggested with a CA I think. – Jamiec Mar 24 '10 at 13:10
I find that a lot my questions can be answered by those guys. Here another good site that I use often. blogs.technet.com/alexshev/pages/from-msi-to-wix.aspx – Scott Boettger Mar 24 '10 at 19:20
Nabble link is now broken. Search on ServiceInstall-Start-element should get you a link to the relocated document on wix or nabble. – Greg Domjan Apr 4 '11 at 23:28
@Scott Boettger can you comment on why modifying the Start element in ServiceInstall table was your favorite suggestion, as opposed to duplicating the install-time Condition on Component/File ? Are you saying that in a CA you open the running MSI database and modify the ServiceInstall table? I'm just fishing for some insight on which route I should take. It gets tricky to make these decisions when my installs all use Heat with transforms. – jJack Apr 25 at 16:15
@jJack In the above question he stated that he did not want to maintain 2 Components that do exactly the same thing. It is completely viable to do it that way but for the sake of his preference that is why I chose the CA as my favorite suggestion for him. – Scott Boettger May 2 at 11:48

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