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I currently use a pretty complicated template to provide as much user functionality as possible.

This template has the ability to show/hide many columns so that many particular users can access the report and only grab the information they would like, rather then exporting to excel and bringing back information they would rather not need.

The Maximum page size for this template is: 28 inches x 16 inches. That's probably the closest page size for PDF that is readable at that width.

I know that you can adjust PDF to render a single page by using page size. The problem with this is by setting the page size if I only wanted to see half of the available columns. The page size would have to be set to a size that would allow the maximum number of columns if a user wanted to see everything. This would be roughly a 28 inch render on a standard landscape sheet. If I was to hide half of those columns though I would get about 15 inches of white space. Not including the additional white space that will be included in what appear to be giant top and bottom margins.

I'm wondering if anyone has found a way to pass the page size on variable terms or somehow set it based on the number of columns rendered.

I need to stay away as much as possible from making this something that the client has to adjust to, say a set of instructions on how to format this to their liking if at all possible. However up to this point I haven't found much other than to skip the export to PDF, adjust the report as needed in Excel and use the print settings within excel to print the document.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

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If you set the reports Interactive Size property to 0,0 then all pages with be outputted to the viewer. With hard breaks preserved when exporting. Perhaps ypu can use the height field to determine how much prints per page. –  lrb Jul 29 '14 at 2:51

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