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I wanted to install a Windows VM on my Macbook. I have a bootable thumb drive containing Windows 8.1. I have used this to install Windows on my PC build.

I wanted to use this same drive to install Windows on a VM on my Mac. I have been able to install VM operating systems using DVDs before, but when I tried to use the thumb drive, the message I got was "FATAL: no bootable drive found".

I read that USB booting is not supported by Virtual Box - is this true? If there is a workaround, what is it? Thank you.

EDIT: I tried using the Plop Linux boot manager, following the instructions in this youtube tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSS1bOF7sDA. I was able to boot into the Plop boot manager, but when I chose the USB option, it reported that a "bootable drive was not found". So now I'm pretty much out of ideas :(

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