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I wanted to install a Windows VM on my Macbook. I have a bootable thumb drive containing Windows 8.1. I have used this to install Windows on my PC build.

I wanted to use this same drive to install Windows on a VM on my Mac. I have been able to install VM operating systems using DVDs before, but when I tried to use the thumb drive, the message I got was "FATAL: no bootable drive found".

I read that USB booting is not supported by Virtual Box - is this true? If there is a workaround, what is it? Thank you.

EDIT: I tried using the Plop Linux boot manager, following the instructions in this youtube tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSS1bOF7sDA. I was able to boot into the Plop boot manager, but when I chose the USB option, it reported that a "bootable drive was not found". So now I'm pretty much out of ideas :(

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You can use this workaround, you can create the bootable iso file of the files present in your USB, using tools available in market.

Then after that you can boot your virtual box using the iso generated, which is supported in Virtual box.

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create the bootable iso file of the files present in your USB - do you mean the windows 8 installation medium? –  Artjom B. Mar 9 at 13:30

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