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I have three instances at amazon, all running ubuntu 12.04. One instance serves as NFS server and other two act as NFS client. This combination is active for last week or so.

Most of the time stuff works correctly, but every now and then (may be once a day per client) something happens to NFS client/server combo and clients fall apart.

When the trouble starts, top shows "wa" cpu times high when the trouble starts - sometimes as high as 60%. Both clients have plenty of free space and we never faced the problem when NFS was not in picture. So I am suspecting somehow NFS clients get backed up and that's what shows up in top as cpu is waiting to finish io.

After this happens, simple df -h command also does not return, nor does sudo reboot command. Only usable way we have found is to use AWS console and reboot from console menu item.

I even tried lsof command, but it also hangs.


  1. Why does NFS client hang? It does not happen every time nor is it consistent. It works for hours and then suddenly hangs. Its possible that there might be jobs running on either client that are trying to write to same data from file systems. Will this create trouble for NFS, we are not worried about data written part, but not sure if NFS file lock or something similar is causing problems.

  2. What is the best way to recover from this without rebooting box. Rebooting kills other unrelated jobs also.

  3. What is the best way to share file system? There are jobs beyond my control which has to have file system access which has to be shared between clients.

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