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I have an odata, breeze, angular application.

Please see here: http://bepozreports.azurewebsites.net/#/dashboard

You will notice an alert that I have setup which just says the callback has failed.

If you navigate to app/js/controllers.js you will see this code


The failCallback always is called even though the call to http://bepozreports.azurewebsites.net/odata/Accounts?$orderby=FirstName results in a correct response??

Any ideas?

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If you debug your app and look at line 15199 of breeze.debug.js, you will find the following code:

     requestUri: url,
     headers: { "DataServiceVersion": "2.0" }
 function (data, response) {
     var inlineCount;
     if (data.__count) {
         // OData can return data.__count as a string
         inlineCount = parseInt(data.__count, 10);
     return deferred.resolve({ results: data.results, inlineCount: inlineCount });
 function (error) {
    return deferred.reject(createError(error, url));

The error callback is triggered here with your url, and the error response is message: "no handler for data"

A failure at good error reporting by breeze.

After doing a little bit of digging (I'm not familiar with datajs), it looks like the problem might have something to do with your CORS setup (or lack thereof). Hope that helps.

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The api is on the same domain as the app, I shouldn't need CORS right? –  Paul Jul 29 at 3:07
If it is the exact same domain (not even a different sub domain), then no. I just saw a lot of reference to CORS when looking up the no handler for data issue with datajs. –  Matt Way Jul 29 at 3:32
I removed the header 'DataServiceVersion' because if it is included I receive a 404! –  Paul Jul 29 at 3:42
Took a look at your metadata, you seems to have OData V4 but the DataServiceVersion mentioned above is 2.0. Don't whether this will cause the problem. –  QianLi Jul 31 at 8:52

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