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I am using Two Web Component, one connect with another as Webservice client. At client side web component:

  • Tomcat 6.0
  • xlightweb-2.13.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar (This is used to connect with other WebApplication)

At Server Side Web Component:

  • Tomcat 6.0

At Client side Create HttpClient in below manner:

    private static void init(final SSLContext sslContext) {
        objHttpClient = new HttpClient(sslContext);
        /* set connection properties */
        objHttpClient.setResponseTimeoutMillis(30 * 1000);
        objHttpClient.setBodyDataReceiveTimeoutMillis(30 * 1000);
        objHttpClient.setConnectTimeoutMillis(30 * 1000);

And send request in below manner:

private static void sendReq(String url, String body){
            IHttpRequest objRequest = new PostRequest(url, "text/xml", "utf-8",
            logger.debug("Going to execute call over objHttpClient");
            objResponse = objHttpClient.call(objRequest);
            logger.debug("Executed call over objHttpClient");

So when I call this sendReq it hangs on the call of objHttpClient.call(objRequest); & did not get any exception for this at all. When i check this connection through netstat It always show TCP_STAT as TIME_WAIT.

Please help on this wierd issue.

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