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I have these 3 files in a folder and they are all located in C:\Max:


@echo off
cd %~dp0
diskpart /s run.txt


select vdisk file="C:\Max\maximus.vhd" 
attach vdisk

maximus.vhd: a virtual hard disk drive which is mounted via the other 2 files.

How can attach.bat get the current directory location and write it to run.txt?

I know how to write to the txt files, but I can't find the current directory. I want to be able to mount this from anywhere on the fly and any directory.

For example:

echo select vdisk file="C:\Max\maximus.vhd" >> C:\Max\run.txt
echo attach vdisk >> C:\Max\run.txt
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Try echo %~dp0. –  Anton Tykhyy Jul 29 at 5:34
@echo off echo select vdisk file="%~dp0maximus.vhd" >> %~dp0\run.txt echo attach vdisk >> %~dp0\run.txt timeout /t 2 /nobreak cd %~dp0 diskpart /s run.txt yes this is working!!!!!!! –  punktoe Jul 29 at 6:04

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The solution is using %~dp0 to reference the drive and path of the batch file as Anton Tykhyy suggested.

@echo off
echo select vdisk file="%~dp0maximus.vhd" 1>"%~dp0run.txt"
echo attach vdisk 1>>"%~dp0run.txt"
timeout.exe /t 2 /nobreak
cd /D "%~dp0"
diskpart.exe /s run.txt
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