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I need to display a bunch of UITableViewCell in my iPhone application. Sample look below. I know how I can enable accessory view and image to UITableView cell but the problem is that I need to add a star rating as visible on the screen. There's no fancy logic behind it, it will just be few images that will be either enabled or disabled.

I though that I could create a custom UITableViewCell in NIB but how would I use it in cellForRowAtIndexPath method. If it was just one custom cell I'd just provide an outlet for it and hook it with a property and use it there. But since it would be used multiple times I think I'll need to clone it or copy somehow.

What is the simpliest way of adding such stuff to UITableViewCell?

alt text

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This Matt Gallagher post helped me a ton when dealing with custom TableView cells

Summary 1) Do not subclass UITableViewCell 2) In the cellForRowAtIndexPath method, layout your custom subviews on top of the dequeued UITableViewCell.

To add a star just use a UIButton with the default image of a unhighlighted star and a selected image of a highlighted star.

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Maybe my FavStarControl is what you need? ;)

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Not really :D I'm not looking for a rating system. I just want to print rating when displaying table view cells. I don't need them to be interactive or anything. Just an image in the background or so. – RaYell Mar 24 '10 at 8:02
In that case, just have 5 images, each representing what 1/5 stars 2/5 stars would look like etc, and just use that? – Jasarien Mar 24 '10 at 9:23
  1. Take 5 images in a custom cell for stars
  2. Make their outlets in UITableViewCell
  3. create an NSMutableArray *starArray and CFFloat rating inside the interface
  4. inside the cellForRowAtIndexPath rating = any float value that can be 0,0.5,1,1.5 ..... and call (void)rightImageSet: this method will fill in all the images string you required for the particular rating.

  5. In rightImageSet apply the logic You can watch the images for further info.

  6. In a case anything is not clear comment

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I think you may find everything you need here :

Either have a look at the code to have an idea of the code you need to use or just implement directly their source code into your project (do not forget to read carefully the license ;))

But in my opinion, it should be fairly easy to make your own custom rating system :

  1. Make a star icon - one empty, one plain
  2. Create UIButtons with relevant icons
  3. Make sure to implement relevant touch events

Okay, that's a summary :D but it shouldn't take too much time to build ;)

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That's not the problem in my case. The problem is how to populate UITableView with several custom controls which share the same "template" from NIB. – RaYell Mar 23 '10 at 15:52

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