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I have the following code:

$data = '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';
$sesKey = base64_decode('R1PaKU14hf9wrANxaS0BDw==');
$counter = 0;
$iv = implode(array_map("chr", ToIV($counter)));
$decypted = openssl_decrypt($data, 'aes-128-gcm', $sesKey, 0, $iv);
echo 'decypted: ', var_dump($decypted), '<br />', 'iv: ', var_dump($iv); 
while ($msg = openssl_error_string())
    echo 'Error: ', var_dump($msg) . "<br />\n";
function ToIV($ivcounter, $size = 16)
    $iv = array();
    for($i = 0; $i < $size; $i++)
        $iv[$i] = 0;
    $counter = unpack("C*", pack("L", $ivcounter));
    $counter = array_reverse($counter);
    for($i = 0; $i < count($counter); $i++)
        $iv[$i + ($size - count($counter))] = $counter[$i];
    return $iv;

With this code I get the following error:

Warning: openssl_decrypt(): IV passed is 16 bytes long which is longer than the 12 expected by selected cipher, truncating in /var/www/vhosts/energyshifft.com/ectualTest/testDecrypt.php on line 49

I can't really change the iv length, because the decrypted data hasn't been encrypted by me, but by an external party. So does anybody know how I can use a 16 bytes long IV and still use aes-128-gcm.

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