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I'm building a social app for a movie server and want to integrate user ratings with facebook. I've made use of the Graph API but there are some design concerns.

This is how the stories appear now (sorry it's in Czech but you can surely get the gist) Current appearance

It's a result of this call:

POST /me/video.rates?
movie=<movie URL on our site>&
rating:value=<user rating: stars 0-5>&
review_text=<first 2 sentences of user's comment>&
review_link=<URL to the entire comment at our site>&
access_token=<valid access token>

However, there are some issues our designer is unhappy with:

  • Why does facebook add the ASCII stars? Is there any way we can supply our own star picture or at least tint the stars with our site's key color?
  • Why is the description of the movie empty even though our site provides the explicit value of og:description? (see here)
  • Is it possible for us to add the logo of our site?
  • The review_link is not displayed and therefore cannot be clicked by the user.

Since I'm Graph rookie, I don't know what to do. I've seen some threads about the appearance of custom stories. But my case is different - I'm using video.rates which is a common story. Could anybody with more experience point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance! Pete.

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