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I'm working on forking an existing MVC PHP application and all normal page controllers are extended from controller.

class MyController extends Controller

The controller class is an abstract class with 2 magic methods, __set and __get and a constructor __construct

abstract class Controller {
    protected $registry;

    public function __construct($registry) {
        $this->registry = $registry;

    public function __get($key) {
        return $this->registry->get($key);

    public function __set($key, $value) {
        $this->registry->set($key, $value);

I've searched all through the entire application and nowhere are __get or __set ever called manually. So I have to assume that these methods are indeed magical and are doing something with the registry that isn't available to see.

Dispatching is done through the Front class which already holds the registry as an object:

final class Front {
    private $registry;
    private $pre_action = array();
    private $error;

    public function __construct($registry) {
        $this->registry = $registry;

    public function addPreAction($pre_action) {
        $this->pre_action[] = $pre_action;

    public function dispatch($action, $error) {
        $this->error = $error;
        foreach ($this->pre_action as $pre_action):
            $result = $this->execute($pre_action);
            if ($result):
                $action = $result;

        while ($action):
            $action = $this->execute($action);

    private function execute($action) {
        $result = $action->execute($this->registry);

        if (is_object($result)):
            $action = $result;
        elseif ($result === false):
            $action = $this->error;
            $this->error = '';
            $action = false;

        return $action;

My thought was that replacing the abstract class Controller with an Interface would be a better solution, but I'm unsure about what these magic methods are actually doing.

How can I tell if I can/should make this change?

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Am I understanding correctly that you simply don't know what __get and __set do? php.net/manual/en/language.oop5.overloading.php#object.get –  deceze Jul 29 '14 at 8:23
replacing the abstract class Controller with an Interface would be a better solution -- what is the issue? –  sectus Jul 29 '14 at 8:35
No I understand the set and get to unavailable properties, I don't know what they are setting and getting to the registry specifically in my app, and if it would be safe/practical convert this to an interface. –  Vince Kronlein Jul 29 '14 at 8:35
An interface only contains method signatures (abstract methods). An abstract class may contain implemented methods. If you cannot remove these methods implementations (which seems likely), then you should keep it as is. –  didierc Jul 29 '14 at 8:40
It's hard to say. You need to explore controller childern usage. –  sectus Jul 29 '14 at 8:42

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