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I have the following sample code which doesn't seem to want to run.

import pcap
pc = pcap.pcapObject()
dev = sys.argv[1]
pc.open_live(dev, 1600, 0, 100)
pc.setfilter("udp port 53", 0, 0)
while 1:
    pc.dispatch(1, p.pcap_dispatch)

I'm really not sure why. I'm using pypcap. I'm running this on both 2.5.1 and 2.6 versions of python (separate machines) using mac osx (leopard).

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At least according to documentation from the project this line:

pc = pcap.pcapObject()

Should really be:

pc = pcap.pcap()
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I dont have python on this Computer, but when i look at the example, it should be

pc = pcap.pcap ()

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