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I'm in the process of exploring our next development platform. So far, I have chose asp.net MVC with MS SQL Server for persistence.

I want to document the best practice and standard that my team will use. In the process, I want to read about each aspect, make some prototypes and summarize my conclusion. Even after my initial conclusion, I am open to change it if somebody can demonstrate a better way to do it. Because I like to have some feedback from the community, I think it will be fair to let the result public for future referencing.

Some of the aspect I want to cover:

  • layer separation
  • each layer role
  • naming convention
  • Data access
  • Internationalization
  • Exception handling
  • Unit test
  • etc.

What is the best online platform to do it?

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I would use an internal wiki for something like this. You can seed it with initial data and information, and everyone else would be free to make additions and changes.

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Internal is not what I have in mind. I want to make it public but restrict the change. I will look at the list you provide to see if any of those fit my need. If not, I'm thinking about going with a blog. –  Hapkido Oct 30 '08 at 23:59

Finally, I created a blog. That will be my starting point.

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