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I have 2 vectors:

a ← 1 2 3
b ← 5 6 7

I would like to create a nested array with 2-element vector elements, having one element from a b (tuples), i.e.:

│1 5│2 6│3 7│

How would I do that in APL? I can't find any elastic solution, only (a[1],b[1]) (a[2],b[2]) (I've also tried Outer product with the function but without success).

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Try this:

⊂[2] a,[1.5]b

The first part: a,[1.5]b merges the two arrays and creates a two-dimensional array with each column being the content of the variables a and b.

Then, ⊂[2] encapsulates each row into pairs, resulting in your desired output.

Note that if you are using Dyalog, you might have to use ↑ instead of ⊂. I think this depends on the value of the ⎕ML variable, but I don't use Dyalog so I can't test this.

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The above example is very generic, but you can actually solve your specific case like this: a ,¨ b. Silly me for not thinking of that one. –  Elias Mårtenson Jul 29 '14 at 12:29

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