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when creating an new object like this...

var store = new, {
  configureRequest: function(req) {
    req.setParameter("key", "resources.appsrvs");

... the delegate function configureRequest does not get the request as parameter as described in so how can i configure the request?

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Unfortunately, not in the way you intend. The Jsonp store uses a ScriptLoader object, as it is designed for cross-domain requests. So your delegate is used, but the 'req' object passed to it is actually a instance. Please see the API doc for ScriptLoader and also here for some additional details.

If you are not planning to do a cross-domain request, consider using instead.

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Unfortunately i am planning to make an cross domain request. But I found no way to "req.setParameter" via "ScriptLoader". As workaround I add the parameter by string concatenation to the url (url+"?key=resources.appsrvs"). Not nice, but works. So I have to care about url-escaping myself. –  mika26 Mar 24 '10 at 9:01

It might have something to do with the fact that internally seems to use for which the documentation says EXPERIMENTAL – NOT READY FOR PRODUCTION.

Also you didn't specify which version of qooxdoo you use. Prior to 1.0.x I think is just an empty stub.

Does your function get called at all? If yes what does it get passes as parameters?

And finally consider just filing a bug report.

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oh, sorry. i am using 1.0.1, and it is called. see other answer. –  mika26 Mar 24 '10 at 8:54

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