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I'm facing one weird problem : I'm using a viewStack which have is property resizeToContent set to true. When I'm selecting a child higher than the viewStack, it's correctly resized, but when I'm selecting another child which is smaller, the viewStack isn't resized !!! What I want is that my viewStack get the height of the selectedChild each time.

though, the Adobe doc say :

If true, the ViewStack container automatically resizes to the size of its current child.

Have any idea ???

thanks a lot

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Are you setting a height on the ViewStack? And what do you mean when you talk about "selecting" a child "higher than the viewstack"? Selecting doesn't mean resizing. –  Robusto Mar 23 '10 at 15:59
Can't reproduce based on your description. Can you provide the code that is causeing this? Please keep it simple so that we can copy/paste it into our IDE and try it out. –  invertedSpear Mar 23 '10 at 16:05
1 - Yes, I'm setting a height="100%" to my viewStack 2 - I mean that, first I'm displaying a view (the first per default) with let say height="x". Then, I'm displaying another view which have a height="y" with y > x, so my viewStack adapt its height="y". And the, I'm displaying another view which have a height="z" with z < y and then my viewStack keep the height="y". - for provide the code, it's the simple code fro a viewStack and 3 components to be display when I'm selecting the index I want... –  LE GALL Benoît Mar 26 '10 at 10:28
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as I haven't found any solution, I take a work around : I'm setting a default value for the height of my viewStack each time I'm changing the view seleted.... It's not very clean, but it's work

but if someone found a better soluce, I'll be happy :)

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