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I am trying to create an android game using Unity. The game runs in portrait mode, so I have set this in the 'Player Settings'.

Now, When the game encounters different screen aspect ratios, I want the width to be fixed and height to be variable i.e. decrease to hide some of the background or increase to reveal the portion of the background reserved for bleed.

I have tried rotating the camera, rotating the background, adjusting the viewport width/height, but nothing seems to produce the desired result.

I am stuck at this issue, Does anyone know how to do this?

Please understand that, I am new to Unity and I might be missing something very trivial.

Thanks for your time

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If I understand correctly, you may need to set this at runtime... Try using Screen.width/height to calculate the size and positioning of your onjects –  Savlon Jul 30 '14 at 11:44

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