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I am converting someone else's code to Handlebars.js and I'm stuck on converting this tag to its {{#handle-bar}}{{/handle-bar}} counterpart.

The previous coder used an {{#ifCond}} to toggle what 'selected'. This is my component.

{{#dropdown-item }}
    {{unbound this.itemName}}

Here is the div i want converted to my component

<div class="dropdownItem" {{bind-attr value=formField_DropdownItemID}}{{#ifCond formField_DropdownItemID value}} selected{{/ifCond}} >
    {{unbound this.itemName}}

My first thought was to just pop the div's logic into the the component, like the next example, but this gave me an error.

{{#dropdown-item bind-attr value=formField_DropdownItemID {{#ifCond formField_DropdownItemID value}} selected{{/ifCond}} }}
    {{unbound this.itemName}}

Any suggestions?

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Have you tried yielding in the template you have for dropdown-item as described here: emberjs.com/guides/components/wrapping-content-in-a-component? –  Hrishi Jul 29 '14 at 15:34
Dropdown-item only represents one dom element and i want to know how to use these conditionals inside of handlebars –  Ian Steffy Jul 29 '14 at 15:50

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You can set those properties to compute. The syntax would be:

{{#dropdown-item selected=computedProperty value=formField_DropdownItemID}}

computedProperty can deal with your conditional logic. The whole idea is to pull that out of handlebars anyways. :)

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This a simple and straight-forward solution. Thanks! –  Ian Steffy Jul 30 '14 at 17:53

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