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I've followed the CakePHP Cookbook ACL tutorial

And as of right now I'm just trying to add users using the scaffolding method. I'm trying to go to /users/add but it always redirects me to the login screen even though I have added $this->Auth->allow('*'); in beforeFilter() temporarily to allow access to all pages. I've done this in both the UsersController and GroupsController as the tutorial asked.

Below is my code for UsersController which I think will be the most relevant of all the files. Let me know if any other piece of code is required.

class UsersController extends AppController {
 var $name = 'Users';
 var $scaffold;

 function beforeFilter() {

 function login() {
    //Auth Magic

 function logout() {
    //Leave empty for now.

I think I've pretty much followed the tutorial, any ideas as to what I may be missing?

Thanks. I've been stuck on this for a while. =(

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What do you have in your AppControllers beforeFilter()? As you will need to set the permission control to controller in order for Auth->allow() to work in the controller – DavidYell Mar 24 '10 at 10:15

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I followed the recent version of the tutuorial here:

And then I found myself having issues with login and logout. However on adding the following lines, I was set ok!

in users_controller.php:

function beforeFilter() {
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