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I am receiving an IEnumerable<Class1> from a third party api.

I would like to map it using Automapper to the following class:

public class WrapperClass
    public List<Class2> Items { get; set; }

So essentially I am thinking I need two mappings:

IEnumerable<Class1> ----> WrapperClass

Class1 ----> Class2

How would I approach this in Automapper?

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Yes, you must first create mappings for map Class1 to Class2 like:

AutoMapper.Mapper.CreateMap<Class1, Class2>().ForMember(x => x.A, y => y.MapFrom(z => z.B));

Then create mapping for map collection on class like:

AutoMapper.Mapper.CreateMap<IEnumerable<Class1>, WrapperClass>().ForMember(x => x.Items, y => y.MapFrom(z => z));

Finally you can use it like:

var wrapperClass = AutoMapper.Mapper.Map<IEnumerable<Class1>, WrapperClass>(/* list */);

Below three class used for this example:

public class WrapperClass
    public List<Class2> Items { get; set; }

public class Class2 {
    public int A { get; set; }

public class Class1
    public int B { get; set; }
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