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Does anybody know of a tested means to do this. JIRA site does not support this. Very much needed hoping somebody can help. Have posted it on jira forum also but no replies yet

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What you asked in the forum is how to have one username in LDAP and another in JIRA. That's tricker. The safest way to change the username (e.g. jsmith to bobsmith) is to create bobsmith and reassign issues from jsmith to him. Then change the user details of jsmith to indicate that it is not in use anymore. Another way is to export as XML, change all instances very carefully and then reimport. Much more risky, a bit neater in the end.

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Actually the requirement is for integrating active directory to jira. But jira requires both the usernames to be the same. But currently they are different. Either require some means to map users which does not seem to be available. The next only option is to change the usernames in jira since changing usernames in active directory is something that cannot be considered at all. The xml is huge and there are over 100 users. OMG :( –  zapping Mar 24 '10 at 7:40
Looks like this is the only option that is there left. Another one is to write sql query so as to change the user names in all the tables. Some of the columns seems to be of type blog and there are history tables. Better of these seems XML option. Maybe i'll write a program to find and replace the users. –  zapping Mar 31 '10 at 6:04

Sad to say but I just ended changing all the tables into the database that use username instead of user id. It worked very well for me. It was quite boring but works!

Just checked this and I find mdoar answer. Probably you should try that way first. If it doesn't work then use my one as I was in the same scenario as you are where jira usernames and LDAP usernames don't match.

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With Jira 4.4 or newer you can the free Groovy script runner plugin to rename users.

This plugin contains a set of utilities, one of them being username rename/merge.

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Thank you will try it. –  zapping Sep 15 '12 at 8:43

If you are Jira 6.0 or later, you can find the instructions to do this here. Otherwise you can look at some of the work-arounds posted for the feature request JRA-1549.

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