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I have this code and I keep getting undefined if I test the selectedIndex.


So, setting it is also a problem.

Does anyone possibly see what the problem is?

//makes list off tags
function ttyps_select(data,naamsel,selectid, containerid){

    jQuery.each(data, function(index, itemData) {  
        ttyps.push( new Tagtype(itemData.tag_id, itemData.tag ));
opties = "<option value=\"-1\"></option>\n"; 
for(var i=0; i<ttyps.length; i++) {

    var dfnkey = ttyps[i].tag_id;
    var dfnsel = ttyps[i].tag;

    if (dfnkey==selectid) {
        opties +="<option value="+ttyps[i].tag_id+" SELECTED>"+dfnsel+"</option>\n";

    } else {
        opties +="<option value="+dfnkey+">"+dfnsel+"</option>\n";

 $("<select name=\"" + naamsel + "\" size=\"1\" ></select>") 

function select_tag(id) {
    var x = $('#frmttypid'+id+' select');
    var ttidx = x.val();
    var tag = getTagtype(ttidx).tag;
     if( tag ){

thanks, Richard

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$('selector') (jQuery) returns an object with array-like collection of matched DOM nodes. Your x variable is an jQuery object, not a reference to any particular <select/> element. use


x[0] is a reference to the first DOM node in the jQuery object.

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thanks, I already found the solution by using document.getElementById(); because I had not figured out that the jquery selector always returns an array like collection. So yours is better and I will change the code. –  Richard Mar 23 '10 at 18:55

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