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I am trying to access a file in Scala using io.Source.fromfile. i have specified the full path, but i am still getting a no such directory or file error.

This is a general version of what my code looks like:

val lines = io.Source.fromFile("~/top/next/source/resources/desiredFile.txt").getLines()

I'm running Ubuntu if that makes any difference.

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It probably because you are using tilde sign, use full absolute path. If you want to avoid hard coding your home directory, you can get it from environment variables:

val home = System.getProperty("user.home")
val s = Source.fromFile(s"${home}/.....").getLines() 
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meaning what exactly? Should I specify home/ instead of ~/? –  redeagle47 Jul 29 '14 at 17:39
yes, from root directory /home/username/ .... –  grotrianster Jul 29 '14 at 18:02
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I was specifying too much of the path. The compiler was assuming it should start in the project folder i was already in, so when I specified the directories above that folder, it tried to find them all as a sub-directory of my root project folder. This would obviously cause an error. I now have:

val lines = io.Source.fromFile("source/resources/desiredFile.txt")

which is working properly

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