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I import a function from a self defined module in spyder console as:

from self import ver1

now if i edit the self and add a ver2 function and do this:

from self import ver2

I get an error:

ImportError: cannot import name ver2

I have tried this: (i delete the self.pyc file and regenerate it)

import py_compile

but it still does not work. However if I close and reopen spyder, it does work. Is there any other getaround?

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You need to reload the module as it has already been imported. You can do that using the python built-in reload function. Besides, if the Spyder console that you use is an IPython console, you can use the autoreload IPython magic.

% load_ext autoreload
% autoreload 2

You can set up Spyder to run this automatically on startup of a new ipython console in Spyder preferences.

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Doing this: "reload(ver2)" gave the following error: "reload() argument must be a module" Whereas, doing this: "type(ver2)" gives: <type 'function'> ... So I guess my question is how do I reload or refresh a function. –  slmnkhokhar Aug 4 '14 at 19:36

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