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I have a custom jsp tag like this:

    The body of the custom tag...
    More lines of the body...

In the custom tag, how can I get the text of what the body is?

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It's complicated because there are two mechanisms.

If you're extending SimpleTagSupport, you get getJspBody() method. It returns a JspFragment that you can invoke(Writer writer) to have the body content written to the writer.

You should use SimpleTagSupport unless you have a specific reason to use BodyTagSupport (like legacy tag support) as it is - well - simpler.

If you are using classic tags, you extend BodyTagSupport and so get access to a getBodyContent() method. That gets you a BodyContent object that you can retrieve the body content from.

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Thanks, didn't know about that class, it works. –  Kyle Mar 23 '10 at 18:02
It's worth noting that a JspFragment is less powerful because it is limited - it must be scriptless, where as a BodyContent is not limited in this way. A BodyContent is in essence like an internal JSP page. –  Yoni Nov 27 '13 at 12:40

To expand on Brabster's answer, I've used SimpleTagSupport.getJspBody() to write the JspFragment to an internal StringWriter for inspection and manipulation:

public class CustomTag extends SimpleTagSupport {
    @Override public void doTag() throws JspException, IOException {
        final JspWriter jspWriter = getJspContext().getOut();
        final StringWriter stringWriter = new StringWriter();
        final StringBuffer bodyContent = new StringBuffer();

        // Execute the tag's body into an internal writer

        // (Do stuff with stringWriter..)

        bodyContent.append("<div class='custom-div'>");

        // Output to the JSP writer


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If you are using a custom tag with jsp 2.0 approach, you can do it as:


<%@tag description="Make me H1 " pageEncoding="UTF-8"%>   

Use it in JSP as:

<%@ taglib prefix="t" tagdir="/WEB-INF/tags"%>
<t:make-h1>An important head line </t:make-h1>
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