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I am trying to setup a TextBox control in my project using Html.TextBoxFor.

However, it only seems to have method signatures for either:

Lambda Expression and Value:

 <%= Html.TextBoxFor(t => t.ProjectDetails.Title, Model.ProjectDetails.Title)%>


Lambda Expression and HtmlAttributes:

<%= Html.TextBoxFor(t => t.ProjectDetails.Title, new { maxlength = 10})%>

This is not an issue for styling as the control id is known: ProjectDetails_Title and a style sheet can be used. However, maxlength cannot be set via CSS as it is a behavior.

I know you can specify all three using Html.Textbox but I want to take advantage of the extra functionality of Html.TextBoxFor.

Any ideas on how I can set both a value AND a maxlength for a control rendered using Html.TextBoxFor?

Thanks for any help on this!

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This should work in MVC4. Not sure about MVC2.

@Html.TextBoxFor(t => t.ProjectDetails.Title,new { @maxlength="10", @class="myCssClass"})
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You are correct it works in MVC2 as well. I was thinking you needed both the lambda expression and a separate property for the value. Thank you for your response. – Baxter Jul 29 '14 at 20:32
Hi this is not working with me, any possible solution? – Arijit Mukherjee Feb 12 at 7:14

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