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What is the best way to display amazon books/products on a website with PHP?

Thanks, steamboy

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This is one of the easiest PHP classes I have found to access and display products from the Amazon site.


There is already an example set up in it to help you get started.

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This class probably does the exact thing you need:


It acts as an interface to Amazon's web services API

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The new API : http://developer.amazonwebservices.com/connect/kbcategory.jspa?categoryID=5 This class doesn't work.

Here's an example of display products that I was able to use : http://www.arizonaseoconsultant.net/top-sellers-code/

Another great PHP script that search the store : http://www.chipdir.nl/amazon/ Really nice!

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Use Amazon Web Services

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Thought I'm not a Zend user, there is zend sevice module for amazon aws that can be also used stand alone.

How to perform this explains this tutorial

ZendService Amazon documentation

The fastest way to find books about programming:

$amazon = new ZendService\Amazon\Amazon('AMAZON_API_KEY', 'US', 'AMAZON_SECRET_KEY');
$results = $amazon->itemSearch(
                                     'SearchIndex' => 'Books', 
                                     'Keywords'    => 'programming'
foreach ($results as $result) {
    echo $result->Title.'<br>';
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