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I have an issue with the latest pip. My problem is the following:

  • I have a python project with a setup.py defining its dependencies.
  • One of them is a custom jenkins-job-builder that I would like to install from a custom Git repository, hosted on Stash.
  • It worked fine with older pip, but with pip 1.5 security improvement, I cannot find a way to install everything correctly. My exact version of pip is 1.5.4.

To be more concrete:

In my setup.py I have:

install_requires = [
        #... stuff
  dependency_links= [
        # depends on Hotel jobs builder to have Hg support !

I try to run the following commands at the root of my project (from a freshly created virtualenv).

  • If I run "pip install -e .", I get: ... Some externally hosted files were ignored (use --allow-external to allow)... .
  • If I try "pip install --allow-external compcomp -e .", I get the exact (!) same error.
  • If I try "pip install --allow-all-external -e . ", I get: ... Some insecure and unverifiable files were ignored (use --allow-unverified compcomp to allow).
  • And if I try "pip install --allow-all-external --allow-unverified compcomp -e .", I get the same previous error.

I am not sure I understand what is happening here, it seems I am not able to target the dependency defined in my setup.py :S.

Anyone has an idea on what could go wrong ? I googled for a while and did not find any clue .


I am debugging pip code to understand what is going wrong, and it looks like the warning I get from pip is not the correct one.

Some other dependency (mox to be accurate, which gets downloaded at the end) is settings pip attribute "need_warn_unverified" to True, but then the warning message I get "Some insecure and unverifiable files were ignored (use --allow-unverified compcomp to allow)" talks about my component.

I guess this is a bug in pip, but I still do not understand why my dependency is never found.

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How is it that your dependencies have the same name as your package? –  Burhan Khalid Jul 29 at 21:08
I guess I am missing something :-). The dependency declared in my setup.py and the package name should not be necessarily the same ? –  CanardMoussant Jul 30 at 10:12

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After some digging, I found the issue which has nothing to do with the warnings I got from pip. I simply have to add --process-dependency-links to my call to pip install. So I guess there is a simple misleading info got from pip when it cannot find a dependency and a warning has been raised by another dependency.

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