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Is it possible to automatically create Word documents which include list fields from a custom SharePoint list?

here is the scenario: - custom list (over 100 columns) - Word templates (not sure where is best to store them yet) - Entry Form will provide data for the templates (or partial data, ie Client name, Sales Rep) - a form that will have buttons (ie 'Create Order Form', 'Create PO')

the idea is to be able to generate partial populated templates from a custom list with a puch of a button.

All solutions are realy appreciated!!!


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Sorry to sound like a commercial :) but the company I work for has a product that allows you to do that: OfficeWriter SharePoint integration and in specific the SharePoint developers section. You can see some samples in there of similar things. Good luck!

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Thanks for the solution, will check. –  Marius Mar 24 '10 at 16:49

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