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I'm managing this open source project PM2 and I have a decision to take about where to put all configuration files.

Currently I store all these files under $HOME/.pm2/, but some user permissions can mess up with that logic.

What is the folder that is common and exists to 100% of Arch/Debian/Ubuntu/Linux/BSD/Unix... based system, to store configuration files ?

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can you be more specific what is the user permission problem? –  Dyno Fu Jul 29 '14 at 22:20
If a user, let's say www-data, doesn't have any home folder, it doesnt work. If the user root install pm2, the node user (with root access) can't access to that conf files –  tknew Jul 29 '14 at 22:31
configuration files should be user agnostic –  tknew Jul 29 '14 at 22:33

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In Linux/Unix, many programs usually keep config in /etc/ and use subfolder in /var/ for other files. See also on Wikipedia File System Hierarchy Standard

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