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I am looking for a tool to give me a byte count of ViewState after each postback (full or partial) to make sure that I'm not keeping any controls' states around unnecessarily. Is there a tool out there?

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on partial updates the view state isn't sent to the server, only the control state is sent –  Claudio Redi Mar 23 '10 at 19:11

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If you use fiddler, I recommend you this extension


It gives you information about viewstate size and many other performance items.

If you're not using fiddler... what are waiting for??? :-)

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If you add the attribute Trace="true" to your page, it will output debug information including the view state when you browse the site. No plugin is required.

For Internet Explorer there is a plugin called Web Development Helper that shows view state information.

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Yes, and it's called Viewstate Size.


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