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I've got some questions regarding Java design patterns. I want to know what the lookup service and the business service in the business delegate pattern are exactly used for. I appreciate as much details and information as possible.

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The business delegate pattern tries to decouple the clients from the business services. To achieve this you need:

  • business delegate that is the object used by clients to request for services;
  • lookup service is a bridge used by business delegate to search for services, it encapsulates the search algorithm according to the request made by the delegate;
  • business service is the actual service that is offered to clients, usually an EJB or similar J2EE concepts.

By the way this page explains everything quite clearly..

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Thank you. I already found the page, but you explained it very good, I think I understand a little bit more now. Thanks. –  Emiswelt Mar 23 '10 at 19:47

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