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I am trying to add handles (handleIn, handleOut) to the segments created in Paper.js using a mousetool like the following:

var myPath = new Path();
myPath.strokeColor = 'black';

function onMouseDown(event) {

At the end of drawing, I close the polygon, and that is when I would like the handles to be generated. Ideally there is a function or settings that would add the missing handles, but if not, any help pointing me in the right direction for how to calculate the handle positions would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to use smooth() or simplify() since I want the original shape of the polygon to remain. I just want to have handles so that I can add subtle curves to specific line segments if necessary.

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There is a nice extension of paper.js written by Mikko Mononen called stylii that maybe does what you want.

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Unfortunately, this package has the same problem (only segments that are part of a curve have handles). If the segment is linear, than the handles are missing. Thanks though. – javram Jul 30 '14 at 19:18

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