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What's the best way to parse fragments of HTML in C#?

For context, I've inherited an application that uses a great deal of composite controls, which is fine, but a good deal of the controls are rendered using a long sequence of literal controls, which is fairly terrifying. I'm trying to get the application into unit tests, and I want to get these controls under tests that will find out if they're generating well formed HTML, and in a dream solution, validate that HTML.

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If the accepted answer is actually the best answer, I think the question title should be edited to reflect that you are not parsing HTML, but XML. – Chris Marasti-Georg Nov 7 '08 at 18:02

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If the HTML is XHTML compliant, you can use the built in System.Xml namespace.

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Have a look at the HTMLAgility pack. It's very compatible with the .NET XmlDocument class, but it much more forgiving about HTML that's not clean/valid XHTML.

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That library seems a little too good - I'm testing the code, so it's a good thing if tags left open blow the parser up. – Dan Monego Oct 30 '08 at 15:16
You can make it fix the code and output XHTML -- and then compare the input & output. – James Curran Oct 30 '08 at 15:57

I've used an SGMLReader to produce a valid Xml document from HTML and then parse what is required using XPath or to another format using XSLT. .

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You can also look into HTML Tidy for HTML parsing/cleanup. I don't think they have specific .NET libraries, but you might be able to run the binary via command-line, or IKVM the java libraries.

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