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I'm doing PHP development and I'm thinking of using one of these. I have both PHP and Java installed on my machine. In theory I could use any of the two.

What are the compelling arguments to pick Phing over Ant?

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The greatest argument I have in favor of Phing is that it's fully developed in PHP ; which means, at least :

  • You can debug it / submit patches if you want
  • You can develop tasks in PHP
    • including tasks which are specific to your project
    • that can use stuff from your project (I've written a couple of tasks that use functions of Drupal, in a drupal-based project)
    • And, if you are working on a PHP project, your team probably knows PHP well -- while they might not know Java
  • No need to install Java on your servers
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The main argument (for me) for using Phing when doing PHP development is

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