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i was a beginner in iOS developing.
i was so confused that i get this error.i can simply solve it by changing "[self maxRank]" to "[PlayingCard maxRank]" but i don't why this happen. thanks in advance.

this is my code

#import "PlayingCard.h"

@implementation PlayingCard
@synthesize suit=_suit;

+ (NSArray *)validSuits
    return @[@"♠︎",@"♣︎",@"♥︎",@"♦︎"];

+ (NSArray *)validRanks
    return @[@"?",@"1",@"2",@"3",@"4",@"5",@"6",@"7",@"8",@"9",@"10",@"J",@"Q",@"K"];

+ (NSUInteger)maxRank
    return [[PlayingCard validRanks] count]-1;
- (NSString *)suit
    return _suit?_suit:@"?";

- (void)setSuit:(NSString *)suit
    if ([[PlayingCard validSuits] containsObject:suit]) {

- (void)setRank:(NSUInteger)rank
    if (rank<=[self maxRank]) {       // this is where i get my error

- (NSString *)contents
    NSArray *rankString=[PlayingCard validRanks];
    return [rankString[self.rank] stringByAppendingString:self.suit];


#import "Card.h"

@interface PlayingCard : Card
@property (strong, nonatomic)NSString *suit;
@property (nonatomic)NSUInteger rank;
+ (NSArray *)validSuits;
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What error did you get? What do you expect it should do and what it does instead? Adding the code to the questions is useful in general, but is really all your code necessary here? Can you remove some which is not relevant for the error you get, so the question is better readable? –  Honza Zidek Jul 30 at 6:31

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In Objective-C there are two different types of methods:

1. Class Method - denoted by a + before it

Class methods operate on the class itself. Therefore, when you use self in a class method, it refers to the class.

2. Instance Method - denoted by a - before it

Instance methods operate on a specific instance of a class that has been allocated. Therefore, when you use self in an instance method, it refers to the instance of that class.

Your setRank: method is an instance method but maxRank is a class method. When you try to call maxRank on self from setRank:, you are trying to call an instance method named maxRank, which does not exist. If you want to call a class method without specifying the class explicitly, you can use the class property on all instances:

- (void)instanceMethod {
    [self.class maxRank];
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So,i can use self to call the class method in a class method(just like what i do in maxRank:),but i can't do this in a instance method.Is that all right.And thanks a lot:) –  cozybed Jul 30 at 9:15
@user3843314 that is correct, in a class method, you can use 'self' to call other class methods –  drewag Jul 30 at 14:46

The maxRank method is a class method, not an instance method, so you cannot use "self" with it. If you want maxRank to be a instance method, you need to change the leading + sign to a hyphen (-).

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You can use self in a class method, it just refers to something different (the class itself instead of an instance) –  drewag Jul 30 at 6:39

It's because methods with + prefix are class methods, not instance method.

You need to read up on the difference between those.

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