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I am doing a sample application REST integration with camel. I coded like this


And it works fine. But what if the service is secured, then how to pass the authentication details. Yeah we have to keep process in between from and to, and set the headers. So i did like this

    exchange.getIn().setHeader("CamelHttpMethod", "POST");
    exchange.getIn().setHeader("Content-Type", "application/xml");
    exchange.getIn().setHeader(RestletConstants.RESTLET_LOGIN, "xxxx");
    exchange.getIn().setHeader(RestletConstants.RESTLET_PASSWORD, "xxxx");
    exchange.getIn().setHeader("Accept", "application/xml");

But i am getting a 405 exception saying

org.apache.camel.component.restlet.RestletOperationException: Restlet operation failed invoking http://xxxx:8000/xxxx/batch/query-by-hwid.xml with statusCode: 405 

The method specified in the Request-Line is not allowed for the resource identified by the Request-URI. The response MUST include an Allow header containing a list of valid methods for the requested resource.

Can someone help me with this. Am i going in the right direction ?

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If you setup the login and password, camel restlet will use http basic authentication the send the username and password. Can you double check the what kind of authentication that the service is using? –  Willem Jiang Aug 13 at 2:36

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