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I'm using SharpZipLib to create a zip file with an html page and images. If the html file has a / in the name, it creates a folder (which messes up the image paths).

Example: If the html file should be named Web/Design.html the zip file will contain a Web folder with a Design.html file in it.

I've tried escaping / by replacing / with // or \/ but nothing has worked so far.

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Is '/' character is a valid for a file name ? –  Canavar Mar 23 '10 at 19:46
no, its not. i dont know why i didnt realize that. i knew \ (backslash) was invalid, but i guess i didnt think / (forward slash) would be invalid too. –  mr.moses Mar 23 '10 at 19:54

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Filenames can't generally have slashes in them. I suggest you replace / with _ or something similar.

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