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I'm looking for a way to rotate videos shot with my Nexus 4 on my Debian Wheezy sytem. The videos are shot in portrait mode and I would like to rotate them to landscape mode. Preferably the rotation is command-line driven.

I have found several previous questions which are hinting at a good solution but I can't seem to manage to get it working.

To begin with there was this question: Rotating videos with FFmpeg

But it indicates that ffmpeg is outdated and that I should use avconv. I found this question detailing the way to go forward. http://askubuntu.com/questions/269429/how-can-i-rotate-video-by-180-degrees-with-avconv

This made me using following command:

avconv -i original.mp4 -vf "transpose=1" -codec:v libx264 -preset slow -crf 25 -codec:a copy flipped.mp4

However, this is painstakingly slow (last test took me more than 6 hours for less than 3 minutes of footage) and does not result in a playable movie. I also get an error in logging output which states Mb Rate > level limit.

Is there an issue here with the re-encoding ? Should I first re-encode the videos from my phone to another, more "workable" encoding before applying the rotations? Or am I missing another important point ?

Thanks in advance

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ffmpeg from FFmpeg is not outdated. The fake, counterfeit "ffmpeg" from Libav (a fork of FFmpeg) is what is outdated. You can not rotate without re-encoding unless: 1) your input is MJPEG, or 2) you rotate upon playback. –  LordNeckbeard Jul 30 at 22:36
@LordNeckbeard How can I tell the difference ? I used the package manager to install ffmpeg so I'm guessing I have the correct on ? –  stedes Jul 31 at 6:58

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There are several things that you've touched on in your question:

  1. There is almost no chance that you will able able to rotate without reencoding. The exception to that rule (MJPEG codec) has already been pointed out, but it's unlikely that you are using it, so it goes beyond the scope of this question. I will mention that the reason for this ability is that JPEG can be converted via metadata. Thus if you'll be able to find a container which has the metadata rotation, you'll be able to rotate, but none exist (or are wide spread enough) so far.
  2. If it took your hours to rotate and reencode 3 minutes of the video, then the problem can lie on an enormous resolution. And i mean huge! Can you please provide the output of the avprobe original.mp4 so that it can be ascertained.
  3. Libav versus FFmpeg debates are very counterproductive (you can see that by the amount of fud posted here already). Basically what has happened was a split of the project with some developers going one way and some another, the fact that FFmpeg project has managed to keep the name is just a fluke and it makes no sense to call one project original and another a fork. The differences between projects are mostly in the development style and on the philosophy. If you would characterise FFmpeg as more Open Source and Libav as more Free Software, you'd not be all that mistaken. Rational people hope that eventually the developers will come to their senses, and maybe not merge the projects, but cooperate to the larger extent. When Ubuntu came out originally, on every Debian GNU/Linux chat there were huge messages along the line of "Ubuntu is NOT Debian!!!!!!!", but now the situation has calmed down and both sides are quite happy with one another.
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This answer is simply a summary of the comments provided by LordNeckbeard.

Rotating without encoding

Rotating without re-encoding is not possible unless:

  • your input is MJPEG
  • you rotate upon playback

Rotate with encoding using the correct ffmpeg

To correctly understand the steps needed to this, one should start by reading or at least skimming this question:

Who can tell me the difference and relation between ffmpeg, libav, and avconv

The next step would be compiling the correct ffmpeg from source as is detailed here:

Compilation guide of ffmpeg for Debian

The final step is using the commands found in other posts:

How to flip a video 180° (vertical/upside down) with FFmpeg? or Rotating videos with FFmpeg

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Please do not provide links with no summaries of what's written there to avoid link rot problems. If it's possible summarise the content of the pages you've added to your answer in your own words. –  Volodya Nov 9 at 10:43

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