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I am editing the scaffolding templates for a grails application.

One of my domain classes has the following property:

Set<GlobalRole> globalRoles

where GlobalRole is an enum. The link is one-to-many:

static hasMany = [globalRoles: GlobalRole]

As default scaffolding shows the roles as a comma separated string - my aim is to show it as a list. To this aim I need to find out if a property (globalRoles) is of type Set to differentiate the generation of the scaffolding.

if (User.globalRoles.type instanceof Set){ 
    // do something else

However: this statement is 'falsified' and therefore not working.

Am I missing something here?

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you are trying to get the static User.globalRoles field which is wrong of course. You shall be using reflection / meta-programming:

if( User.hasMetaProperty( 'globalRoles' ) && Set.inAssignableFrom( User.getMetaProperty( 'globalRoles' ).type ){
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thank you. however i solved it with if (p.type == java.util.Set) – Sebastian Flückiger Jul 30 '14 at 9:16

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