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I'm building a auto updater and I need to know what kind of upload speeds people get on a 56K modem?

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Theoretically 33.6 kbit/s upload = 4.2 kB/s[1].

From own experience, I would say half of that :)


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Modems are generally not asymmetrical in their speeds, but I seem to remember that 56k was a special mode and upload was only @ 33k.

Wikipedia states the following in its article about 56k Modems

"The upload speed is 33.6 kbit/s if an analog voiceband modem is used (V.90), or 48.0 kbit/s using a digital modem (V.92)."

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According to Wikipedia, the top (theoretical) speed is 48kbit/s. This is assuming v.92, which a large percentage of users will not have.

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About 28.8K I believe (source).

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From my own experience I'll say about half the download speed. For example I typically see 48k download speed at home and about 24k upload.

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