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I am using freindly_id in my application. I have setup a few fixtures in my application. I want to do integration testing on them. During the tests I need the friendly_id, but the DB records created from fixtures do not have the corresponding slugs in the Slug table.

Aren't the slugs automatically created from Fixture data? If not then what can be a solution?

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One solution is to run the rake task that generates the slugs, but in the test environment.

On Windows

>set RAILS_ENV=test
>rake friendly_id:redo_slugs MODEL=xxx

Or Unix/Linux

>export RAILS_ENV=test
>rake friendly_id:redo_slugs MODEL=xxx
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Note that the Rake tasks are gone in FriendlyId 4. The author encourages you to write your own scripts/tasks for updating slugs on old records. The easiest way is to run MyModel.find_each(&:save) from the console. It'd be pretty simple to put that into a Rake task if needed. –  Jim Stewart Mar 16 '13 at 2:23
I have a problem with this solution. If you have validation that ensures that your slug isn't null, then this won't work unless you take it out which isn't ideal. –  chaostheory Feb 21 at 1:39

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