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I am trying to use a rest service from arcIGS, using the dynamicMapLayer property but when I add this feature the map becomes unresponsive.

//Add  Real map of Ireland to the maps
    var myAGSLayer = new L.esri.dynamicMapLayer("http://atlas.marine./arcgis/rest/services/Atlas/MarineAdministrativeUnits/MapServer/", {
        opacity: 1

The rest service i call fits on the map perfect but then it causes the map to become unresponsive. Is there any reason it should be doing this ?

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It could be many things - one would need to post a full code example + demo to narrow it down - but a first step is that:


This is not a valid URL. After the ., you need a TLD, like com.

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O yes i know about the URL, because i didnt want to post the real one up as it isnt for public use, but thanks anyways – user3820888 Jul 30 '14 at 15:39

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