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I'm trying to do eager fetch with Anorm, this is lazy fetch like here https://gist.github.com/guillaumebort/2788715

package models

import java.util.Date

import anorm._
import anorm.SqlParser._
import play.api.db.DB
import play.api.Play.current

// table users
case class User(id: Option[Long] = None, firstName: Option[String], lastName: Option[String]) {

  // mismatch types Set[Nicknames] and List[Nicknames] because * returns List
  lazy val nickNames: Set[Nicknames] = DB.withConnection { implicit connection =>
       SELECT * FROM nicknames
       JOIN types t ON nicknames.type_id = t.id
       JOIN events e ON nicknames.events_id = e.id
       WHERE user.id = $id

object User {
  val simple = {
    get[Option[Long]]("users.id") ~
      get[Option[String]]("users.first_name") ~
      get[Option[String]]("users.last_name") map {
      case id ~ firstName ~ lastName => User(id, firstName, lastName)

  def findById(id: Long): Option[User] = DB.withConnection { implicit connection =>
    SQL"SELECT * FROM users WHERE id = $id".as(simple.singleOpt)

// table nicknames
case class Nickname(id: Option[Long] = None, name: Option[String], startDate: Option[Date],
                    nType: Option[NickType] = None,
                    user: Option[User] = None,
                    events: Option[Set[Event]] = None) // I use Set here to remove duplicates

object Nickname {
  val simple = {
    get[Option[Long]]("nicknames.id") ~
      get[Option[String]]("nicknames.name") ~
      get[Option[Date]]("nicknames.start_date") map {
      case id ~ name ~ startDate => Nickname(id, name, startDate)

  val withTypeAndUser = simple ~ NickType.simple ~ User.simple map {
    case nick ~ nType ~ user => nick.copy(nType = Some(nType), user = Some(user))

  val withTypeAndEvents = withTypeAndUser ~ Event.simple map {
                                         // it's wrong I think
    case nick ~ event => nick.copy(events = Some(Set(event))) 

// table types
case class NickType(id: Option[Long] = None, name: Option[String])

object NickType {
  val simple = get[Option[Long]]("types.id") ~ get[Option[String]]("types.name") map {
    case id ~ name => NickType(id, name)

// table events
case class Event(id: Option[Long] = None, regDate: Option[Date], description: Option[String],
                 user: Option[User] = None)

object Event {
  val simple = {
    get[Option[Long]]("events.id") ~
      get[Option[Date]]("events.reg_date") ~
      get[Option[String]]("events.description") map {
      case id ~ regDate ~ description => Event(id, regDate, description)

I need that findById return my User with nicknames using eager fetch not lazy.

User -> Nicknames use One To Many relation

Nicknames -> User use Many To One relation join column user_id

Nicknames -> Events use One To Many relation

Events -> Nicknames use Many To One relation join column event_id

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What you by eager fetch? Anorm has no object cache so any query is directly executed against connection. Do you have any issue? If yes would you mind giving details on issue.

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I can't properly handle SQL with JOINS (query above) I need return Set[Nicknames], official Anorm documentation contains only simple examples. I know that anorm isn't ORM but how to handle such queries? –  Ir3000 Jul 31 '14 at 21:53
Not being an ORM is the key point. About JOIN, just write them as you would execute it in PostgreSQL by hand (e.g. with psql), and then for the parsing of joined data fetched by executing such query, you combine parsers already defined for separate table. Combining parser is the way to go I think. –  cchantep Jul 31 '14 at 23:53
I know how to combine parsers but how to handle queries with multiple JOINS and complex models (e.g. that contains collections)? –  Ir3000 Aug 1 '14 at 16:14
I don't see your point? Knowing combination of parsers, approach when you combine 2 parsers is the same with more parsers, more JOIN. –  cchantep Aug 1 '14 at 20:01
I need to return Set[Nicknames] look at Nickname.withTypeAndEvents parser I can't properly handle collections of events. Official docs doesn't describe how to work with models which contains collections. –  Ir3000 Aug 1 '14 at 20:46

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