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Is there any way how to handle and aborted test in scalatest? Im using withFixture method, but i didnt find "Aborted" type:

override def withFixture(test: NoArgTest) = {
 super.withFixture(test) match {
   case failed: Failed => {
   case canceled: Canceled => {
   //case aborted: **** => {something}
   case other => other
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In ScalaTest, Suites can complete or abort, tests can have one of four outcomes: succeeded, failed, canceled, or pending. An aborted suite means that some exception is thrown outside the context of a running test, such as in before/after code or the constructor invocation. None of those places would ever send an exception or result status through withFixture, because withFixure always executes during the execution of some test.

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Thank you. Aborted state was caused by using assume instead of assert in tests - now it works pretty well. – medy75 Aug 4 '14 at 6:37

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