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I am trying to run the effects shown on http://www.openpool.cc/effect/

I am using a windows x64 with 2 Kinect for windows (ver1), along with Processing 1.5/2.0, OpenNI2 and SimpleOpenNI 1.96. I am able to successfully run the basic ball example in the library, but the problem is only one Kinect is being detected in all of the examples i accessed.

I have tried changing ports, reinstalling OpenNI drivers, and using old drivers. Nothing is working yet. But this doesn't look to be a problem of SimpleOpenNI or Kinect as I am able to get output from SimpleOpenNI example 'multicam' for both Kinects, so the problem doesn't seem to be in Kinects or Drivers.

My thoughts are there could be a way to initialize the Open Pool object and only one is being initialized now, which can be switched to two. But mostly I am stuck.

This project is due for a delivery,so any help would matter. Thanks.

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