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Should I turn on "Generate Debug Symbols" in Xcode for release configuration? When it and "Link Time Optimization" are turned on Xcode show warning:

GenerateDSYMFile build/Release/cocoa_tutorial5.app.dSYM build/Release/cocoa_tutorial5.app/Contents/MacOS/cocoa_tutorial5 cd /Users/ariel/Documents/spacesimulator.net/cocoa_tutorial5 /Developer/usr/bin/dsymutil /Users/ariel/Documents/spacesimulator.net/cocoa_tutorial5/build/Release/cocoa_tutorial5.app/Contents/MacOS/cocoa_tutorial5 -o /Users/ariel/Documents/spacesimulator.net/cocoa_tutorial5/build/Release/cocoa_tutorial5.app.dSYM

warning: no debug symbols in executable (-arch x86_64)
warning: no debug symbols in executable (-arch i386)
warning: no debug symbols in executable (-arch ppc7400)

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Link time optimization and debug information do not currently work together (as of Xcode 3.2, the debug symbols are stripped before they even reach the final executable) in LLVM.

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Thank you! It means "Generate Debug Symbols" can be turned off to eliminate warning? –  Ariel Mar 29 '10 at 14:03
Right, generating debug symbols isn't currently going to be worth doing in a Link Time Optimization build. –  Daniel Dunbar Mar 30 '10 at 18:28

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